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                            17×15 invisible screen
                            17×15 invisible screen
                            The category:Categories of window screens in different mesh numbers
                            The release date:2016-6-21
                            Consulting the telephone:18633686017
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                            The fiberglass products of our company are of the following features:

                            High flame retardancy; fireproof performance of international standard;

                            Fiber content of international standard without hazardous substances such as lead, mercury or chromium;

                            High strength, excellent tensility without any deformation;

                            Excellent tensile and resilience performance;

                            Elaborate craftsmanship, loose-thread-free tailor work.

                            Excellent light-admitting quality and good ventilation; anti-corrosive and easy to clean. (Please contact us for negotiation in case of the need for products of different specifications)

                            WuqiangHaodaGlassfiber Products Co., Ltd is situated in Liuchang Industrial Park, Zhouwo Village, Wuqiang County, Hengshui, Hebei. The company owns two large workshops. The company is professionally engaged in the manufacturing and processing of window screens, invisible screens, plain-woven screens, invisible meshes, fiberglass screens and meshes with a complete and scientific quality control system. WuqiangHaoda Fiberglass Products Co., Ltd has been well recognized in the industry for its honesty, strengths and product quality. You are most welcome to visit us, offer your valuable opinions and negotiate business with us.

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